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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Latest rumor Mill character assassination attempt that I am a drunk which is hysterical and untrue

 Latest in the rumors in order to character assassinate:

Let me set the record straight I do not drink lol.

I am in active recovery and have been since 1995 where I actually quit smoking which I didn't smoke cigarettes a lot anyway but I quit smoking cigarettes with the patch which I highly suggest and a hell of a lot of busy work at the job I had at the time doing cleaning so if you're smoking you need to quit because unless you're smoking tobacco right from the ground. I also do not take drugs like I said I'm an active 12-step participant and will be for the rest of my life because that's how it works. And it works if you work it by the way. And I certainly don't drink. 

I had active liver disease for 25 years because I had to wait for the new medication that came out a few years ago and luckily my PCP at the time her husband was involved in making the first medications because thank goodness I have good medical Care in my hometown and I took the medication and I'm now heels but I certainly wouldn't drink because over the years you wait for the medication to come out I had to wait 25 years. So in that 25 years I wasn't processing toxins in the environment correctly I wasn't processing hormones even anger I wasn't thinking straight all the time I had brain fog it was a horrible 25-year wait for these new medications and what was ridiculous about it was in the 90s the reason that my generation caught liver disease was because they had an old fashioned attitude towards needle exchanges and I've stopped these kids on their bikes and told them that the service that they do without reach for the needle exchange is invaluable because this is the early 90s were talking about when I was young I could have caught something much worse and they didn't have medication for that back then I was very lucky and I was usually really careful but you end up away from resources in a weird part of some town somewhere with someone and that's it you're just not going to be paying attention so even though I can't stand the needles on the ground and I can't stand the way people abuse the resources they have now with the needles exchanges and the drop-ins I have to stay in advocate for needle exchanges because it prevents disease whether you like it or not I do believe they should start prosecuting people for leaving needles out like make it some kind of crime and keep busting them for it because they shouldn't be leaving them out I don't know what part of the junkie culture that is but it's really stupid. If you're actively using take your goddamn works and put it into the goddamn garbage in a can break it off put it in a soda can or put it into something and put it into the garbage if you can't reach one of those boxes don't leave it on the ground stop being a dumbass I have no idea what kind of cultural thing this is probably a sigh up against homelessness so everybody hates homeless people I know they started doing that in Harvard before they got tough on homelessness somebody was leaving needles all over a playground that's on purpose nobody does that that's all snitches working for the man doing that shit.

So this is an example of this country not understanding self-governance anymore this is a perfect example of why an example I just made which is either people get diseases and they require expensive medication or they die and get sick if you don't have resources like a needle exchange or if you do they abuse it they're lazy it encourages drug use and they leave needles everywhere this is the problem with this country is that people cannot do self-governance I think it's more in this part of the country there's so much nannying that people don't learn how to self govern I mean thank goodness I've traveled to Republican states where I've learned that my urges to self-govern are not evil as they'll tell you in this nannying state.

So back to the point so drinking is out I never drink I can't because my liver is sustained damage all those years while I was waiting for the medicine I didn't drink then either or smoke or do anything that would put toxins into my body and drugs is right out like I said I don't do anything I think I smoke a tobacco pipe like an old man and I don't inhale with once a week it's almost like medicinal. And that's of course what drugs should be for humans is medicinal see this is one of the reasons they don't want to support so I'll step programs because you don't become recovered you become enlightened and recovered and you start realizing that your urges to self-medicator totally normal as well as you're probably pretty smart about self-care health even maybe nursing or medical you might be a person that should have been in the medical field as well as you are trying to find God in a way or trying to find a source or power or communally find something in a subculture because that's what our ancient ancestors did before any organized religions they would take the plants and ingest them and try to find the spirit. Also people on drugs are just hurting and they don't know what else to do and psych meds are bullshit if you're recovering drug user you know that psych meds are absolutely are ridiculous invention and they are not for anybody unless they're extremely a severe case of organic brain disease or a brain that doesn't fire correctly and it misfires. Or it's damaged. So everyone that's associated with chemicals knows that the psych meds are a human man-made invention that doesn't really match up with the brain as far as evolution goes so these plants around us evolved alongside us and they're supposed to be for healing but of course bad people greedy people the things that make the world a bad place they take them and they turn them into powders and they get you addicted to them so that's kind of what the problem is not really this crazy big pharma psychiatry thing they come up with called drug abuse disorder.

So there's a little bit of information and there's a little bit of resources if you're using go to the 12-step meetings nothing else is going to work. Also to just spell the rumors I don't drink and I don't do drugs my partner has medical clearance for things to help him manage pain with his reconstructed ankles which is extremely painful and it's life long and there's nothing they could do for her. Other than that I guess he has a beer once in awhile when I'm not around but you certainly doesn't drink around me and that's most of the time he's around me so I'm also going to make a sign when I can handle that says I don't drink because there seems to be a rumor in the general area that we've been in and of course everybody that's spreading the rumor is probably like in trouble or has skeletons in their closet or is recruited or working for a union or some bullshit the typical lineup of who could be a part. So let's dispel that right away I never did like to drink anyway it was just something we did at parties and stuff and bars wasn't really my thing.

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