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Monday, May 14, 2018

More Profiling And Discrimination North Of Boston

Was just in a local business in Saugus MA.
 When my companion and I stay out here to rest, we go to this store to get supplies or food. Theres been multiple instances of profiling as well as what we feel is racism and classism.

Security is just fine with us they know us. Management has taken care of an issue with a cashier who was breaking federal law by asking for an ID with a food stamp card and she had a very discriminatory attitude.

Just now a man who my companion believes is one of the higher management in the store (he did not like look like a business person but dressed like a gangster instead but he was seen talking with suits who were upper management) was standing at top of escalators on the way out. He made  me and then my companion beforehand feel very uncomfortable, I felt threatened as a female.

When I went back in to speak to management he was gone and I had my camera with me.

Security was curious abouy my going to the customer service desk but since he was gone I left and said goodbye politely, they seemed fine.

 I told my companion and if this continues with this profiling and discrimination there's going to be a civil suit.

Therefore if authorities are called just to be overdramatic,   I highly suspect something bigger will be made out of this and lies will be told and things will be fabricated.
 I demand as of right now that the cameras be observed to see what happened. If indeed a report is filed about anything.

As far as I know isn't against the law being in a hurry to catch a bus or speaking aggressively to one's companion. Freedom of speech is still in our Constitution.

This might be a another abuse of power in the making such as the Goodwill incident thats was filmed by me and put on  my YouTube. laughably this had been attempted to be used in the last email case which made no sense at all.  By the way when the legal papers are released here its going to be the greatest comedy you've ever fucking read in your life.

Therefore if anything has been filed about an incident I demanded cameras be looked at by an impartial party or have a little look at them and they'll be yet another civil suit to another organization have a nice day.

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