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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Creeped Out: Local Transit

(have fun trying to use any of these posts to send more disgusting violent emails/faxes under my name to frame me. Theres not enough info and thats on purpose. I hope it pisses you off immensely. Also go for it because I will trace you this time and there are actual decent good people in law and justice who are disgusted by what you did that want to get you and bust you as much as I do.
You will be caught someday.)

So let me get this straight:

I,  dressed as i always am, as a funky Traveler and general subculture person am somehow suspicious and need authorities to observe me because I
1) went to the dentist in the area today
2) bought items at a local store afterwards
3) was unfortunate enough to need public transport during peak hour when wage slaves leaving work AND college kids travelling back home from graduation AND theres a baseball game
While waiting for said transport 2 of the 3 demographics mentioned asks for directions and being long time and local I provide them, THEN I refuse to ride on crowded transport so decide to wait it out and also try and decide if other routes work better.

I find none of this strange, odd or suspect. I do however believe that certain people at this juncture of my legal issues and getting them sorted out could possibly become very desperate, possibly violent and victimize me.

Also, i have experienced alot of profiling of lower class and subculture people especially the homeless in an effort to abuse security and surveillance for the sole purpose of clearing out anyone who cant pay in the newly gentrified, globalized Boston and Cambridge areas.

Economic and class warfare. And god help you if your smart enough to see it and speak about it publicly as well as become active like writing about it.

Homeless and political dissident are NOT PROTECTED CLASSES. And the 'protected classes' are all anyone seems to care about NOT offending in Liberal elite areas nowadays.

Btw if there's so many new people being hired to overstaff certain public transit stations simply to say 'goodbye and have a nice day' in a creepy and intrusive manner, then why wasnt there ANY such staff available this evening in a public transport station where there was so much confusion and activity as I mentioned?
Why did I a fellow passenger have to give directions to tourists? Why were such people asking an employee who was off duty trying to leave?

Yet, we look so suspect, authorities are wasting time with us?

I smell intense desperation. Ah, the statute of limitations. Three years is such a long time and its almost over.
But its not ovee yet.

Keep sweating it out.

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