The Bourne Legacy

Wow. Watching this. Never bothered with Bourne series before. Offended by them, beneath me so I felt (wheres the MK Kids' royalties? Another rip off). This IS extremely nasty, isnt it? Well, after so many years. After all this travel and the recent tasteless badly written attempted frame ups by clown(s) unknown- I realize something. Humans can try as much as they want to 'create' programming or influence of humans. Alterations. Modifications. Programming. Puppets. You arent gods. Im certain of that now. Theres a force greater than all of mankind that is the only solace that any of us have for the miserable approx 80 years we exist here. You can attempt to crack the codes of this force and the natural creation of life. Nothing is more powerful than the force that cares for this planet and it's people. I see now that the natural state of all things is like an eternal sunny day and that the clouds and storms are simply the illusions of darkness put forth by 'evil'. Oh...btw. If anyone wants to try to silence me again or block me from writing then try it. It didnt work last time. And remember this is all theorizing, amateur research and pondering. Maybe its a sci fi project...or a mind f*ck on the public-like the Beatles 'Paul Is Dead'. I do know that I wont allow anyone or anything to interfere with my writing. Ever again. Ok...just got to the motorcycle chase scene: ridiculous but funny.

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

How Elites Are Getting Rich Off Multi Culturalism

So when you defend yourself or even seek to push awareness of reverse racism and classism intertwined and stand up for being alternative, primitivism, nomadic, free thinking or any of the values or lifestyles certain cultures have fought for thousands of years to establish as a cultural norm-you are fighting THE ELITE.

And probably elitist institutions....

Goodbye to freedom once again.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Issue Of A Zionist Agenda and 'The Jews' Being Mentioned In Conspiracy Theory

I grew up in a Catholic family but my mother wanted me to decide for myself and did not have me baptised. There was also the issue of SRA being present through my mother and the foster home I was in for five years.

A few years in Sunday school in the foster home resulted only in my being met with scorn for asking logical questions and I learned religion was at best questionable in validity mostly due to what appeared to be human failings.

I was also brought to Jewish temple once or twice by a relative. A Christmas with Latino Catholics. I was raised being moved around alot but exposed to different kinds of cultures and religions, back before what we think today is this practice, called 'Diversity' which is really a form of social control that actually vauses racism, secret resentment ans hate, divisions and extreme ignorance about different cultures.

When in school being bored I would sneak off to the library and read books actually up to my level. Its quite simple to read just a few key books about how Jewish, Christian and Catholic religions began in their countries of origin.

Yet its always struck me as unbelievable that ignorance still exists about religious truths. My own Catholic family stated that no one knew where Catholicism started, where it 'comes from'.

This is the same family that spawned my cousin becoming a genetic engineer. Of course there were reasons for this, mostly that they needed a white wash to cover for the outrageous crimes certain family members had committed over the years.
And upward mobility is the American way I suppose.

Having my intelligence basically shunned and ignored I simply sought education on my own and sought to be around smart people to get exposure to a better quality of life.

Boston used to be the place to do this and it was encouraged. Ive also had Jews in my life in some capacity providing assistance (just like Native Americans) just as a constant.

I suppose on our level of society, if you are not socially isolated and are somewhat educated even minimally, you wont end up being anti Semetic but its tempting to simply say theres 'good' Jews and 'bad' Jews.

It does seem theres a Zionist agenda that seeks to do harm to peoples around the world. Yet I personally have experienced Jews to be helpful wirh a certain sense of being moral as an obligation.

The explanation for this for me personally may be that I am Jewish and am not aware or it could be there is a strong genetic sympatico due to a very large percentage of Jewish people being Slavic and Russian as I am Polish and Lithuanian. Italians also seem to have some sort of alignment genetically perhaps due to the history of the ancient classical world.

Theres an activist named Brother Nathaniel who was raised Jewish who now works to expose what he deems wrongful Judaism that seeks to destroy outsiders. He identifies as Christian. He can be disregarded as a conspiracy nut but his work being rooted in what he experienced in his own upbringing is compelling.

Ive come upon an interesting website and concept of Jews against Zionism.

What struck me is that they make alot of sense about sticking to spiritual principals instead of worldliness.

This may explain what many people experience as what seems like people of Jewish extraction that seem determined to be a part of destruction of our world and its peoples and to benefit a select few and Jews that seem humane, decent even superior at being human.

I admit I seem to be charmed with Jewish favor in this life but many people who do not live in heavily Jewish areas and have not experienced the kindness and assistance of Jews often become swayed to take on an anti Jewish stance as a natural means of being reactionary.

I hope this post helps with this situation and allows people to bettwr understand the differences they experience dealing with Jewish peoples.

Also Ive learned that theres many divisions among Jews themselved. Ive seen Orthodox Jews and Jews who identify as cultural Jews only who are non religious. Ive met dark, pure Jews right from tents in the Middle Eastern desert to blue eyed and blonde Isrealis.

Non Jewish people arent educated in what Jewish culture is about and all they see is negative examples of Judaism. What are these people supposed to think?
Not everyone can be raised in Boston or NYC or live in Brookline MA.

As long as we arent clear as to what kinds of people are part of the elite who seek to control our futuees, the easier it is for us to become controlled through ignorance and to feel helpless and angry.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Boston's Public Transit System Gets Multi Million Dollar Funding From DEPT OF HOMELAND SECURITY To Spy On Commuters

"Boston transit officials claim the mass surveillance is intended as a deterrent to crime, citing 28 attacks on drivers so far this year. However, Transit Police superintendent Joseph O’Connor acknowledged to the Globe that “crime is relatively low on buses.”
The new surveillance program has nothing to do with fighting crime, but is part of efforts of the US state to gather an unprecedented amount of information about the US population, as revealed in the documents released by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.
In addition to the massive data gathering and processing at NSA centers, local law enforcement agencies are engaged in routine political spying. In the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, a national network of so-called fusion centers was established. Today, there are a reported 78 of these centers located in states and major urban areas across the country.
According to the Homeland Security web site, “State and major urban area fusion centers serve as focal points within the state and local environment for the receipt, analysis, gathering, and sharing of threat-related information between the federal government and state, local, tribal, territorial (SLTT) and private sector partners.”"