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Thursday, December 29, 2016

What Crazy Truly Looks Like: The 'Bjork Stalker'-Ricardo Lopez

This is an example of what genuine psychosis looks like.

Not a frame up like in my case, by unknown parties who seem to be in cahoots with crooked and corrupt authority.

There's a difference between someone who knows too much about the underbelly of a well fronted city like Boston and also does research that's unpopular because it threatens the status quo or powerful companies and a person who is isolated and has had a break with reality that creates a fantasy world then acts on dangerous impulses or fantasies.

When my cases are done I'm going to lobby for strict federal laws to be made that makes it so NO ONE CAN BE INSTITUTIONALIZED or have their liberty taken away by any means just because their name was put on a threatening communication. And perhaps their use of freedom of speech is unpopular.

The abuse I have suffered at the hands of the stalker on my blog who sent those threats to authorities is outrageous but interestingly the way it's turned out MAKES IT NEARLY IMPOSSIBE FOR ME TO FIGHT BACK OR DEFEND MYSELF LEGALLY because I have to live in fear of another threat being sent under my name.

So if I file complaints against people or sue or do anything someone doesn't like all they have to do is frame me up again BECAUSE THE SOURCE OF THE THREATS WAS NEVER INVESTIGATED.

The general attitude about this is that no one will care about me, I have no money to defend myself and I'm unpopular anyway so I will lose and have to deal with being silenced.

If this is how the American justice system now functions the country IS in trouble no doubt. And if a poor woman struggling as a amateur researcher trying to do good in the world gets made out to be as dangerous as the guy in this video or anyone like him, then THERE'S DEFINITELY SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY or at least this area of the US at this point.

It's also very interesting that the harassment and abuse from the stalker who wrote anonymous comments throughout this frame up, CEASED ON ELECTION DAY.

So who do I sue? Trump or Hillary or certain parties who would do anything to ensure certain people were elected. PAID INTERNET TROLLS ARE NOT CONSPIRACY THEORY.

With actual dangerous nut jobs out there, mostly males, who are truly dangerous why is someone not dangerous who tries to do good, a female, being focused on?

I guess this is how you effectively block freedom of speech in one of the only countries left in the world that ensures and defends it.

People like myself who point out injustice in this country are not dangerous extremists hell bent on patriotism that ends in violence. We are people who love what's left of America and remember a truly free country.
Just look up what's going on in Europe-see how no right to bare arms or freedom of speech destroys the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Also it's amazing how heroin that's killing people can so easily make it into this region for the past few years yet I have to deal with a justice system being negligent (I'm being kind-it was much worse than that) when I'm being abused, harassed and my life destroyed by a stalker. A justice system determined it seems to force the perception I committed crimes I did not-in cooperation with certain institutions, corrupt authority and of course select people of bad character-I'll leave it at that.

Why not solve the mystery of how drugs are getting into our city or any cities nearby?

This is how your tax money is being used. For intimidation and destruction of dissidents or activists instead of protecting the public.

Watch the video. Look up others on this guy and the many more horrors that have occurred even recently in our world and you will see what truly dangerous is and how that operates.

If you chose to side with a corrupt system that cuts down dissident voices then you are the criminals. And I guarantee that the people in power behind the designs that are destroying our world and our nation are JUST AS NUTS AS LOPEZ WAS..except they have higher intelligence, more resources and access.

Wake the fuck up.

I'm also sick of me exercising my rights as a US citizen being viewed as challenging the system. Give it a fuckin break.

Oh by the way. If some smart ass out there wants to continue this farce that I'm nuts, dangerous, delusional etc and do something like what's been being done all along here and claim this post indicates I'm going to stalk celebs or other nonsense or that I'm guilty but lying or delusional just take into account I have enough documentation at this point to prove I've been ill treated h the system throughout this ordeal and I've handled it by going through proper channels, exercising my rights and trying to defend myself. I can clearly show I've been screwed so cut the crap...and your losses while you can.

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