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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Gorgoroth Sued By Tolkien Family For Band Name-A Message To Infernus And All Black Metal Bands

Alright listen you. I dont understand what is happening or has happened half the time.
If I or you or anyone involved is guilty or innocent probably both at different times.

Its very likely many people involved in all this...strange situation over the yrars are being pitted against one another or used.

Gorgoroth and the other metal bands of this ilk are superior artists of our time but no one sees it and people cant face the honesty of the religious content.

Peopld used to come up to me and discuss metal and diss this band becuz in reference to Satanism theyd say of Infernus "He actually TALKS about it".

Typical American cowards.
Which means they were probably messing with me from that perspective but too cowardly to admit it.

Id rather deal with people I can see what they are doing than people hiding in society.

Your countries are being destroyed by immigrants. Thousands of years of culture flushed down the toilet.

Gorgoroth and other bands have brought Scandinavian culture and history to the world in a way people can understand even the history of the Sami people being intertwined. These are all very important tools and weapons in fighting the NWO.

And gaining strength. Gorgoroth empowers as much as it takes. Vikings didnt just rob they believed in fair trade. Much of what goes on metaphysically is still ruled by the old gods and the old ways.

If you have ancestry from Ireland especially places like County Cork like many of us in Boston the likelyhood you're Scandinavian is very high.

These bands are awakening ancient DNA which is one of the only means of cultural and ethnic survival for many of us right now.

For many of us THESE PEOPLE ARE OUR KIN. Very far off but still related.
Supposedly Sweden had secret eugenics programs to get rid of anyone deemed too 'low class' or deficient which is why maybe everyone looks perfect etc (and is deathly afraid of not conforming).

Its now evident to me that much of the troll lore in Sweden was referring to misplaced native peoples. The famous pictures by the Swedish artist plainly shows much native content in the trolls and depicts them as homeless and wanderers.

Many of us here can relate to that now in America. And stop regretting past misdeeds and apologizing for stuff in history. Things just go the way they go as humans behave as they did at the time.

I wouldnt have this DNA if history didnt go as it did. And probably peoples like me possess genetic traits Scandinavia has tried to wipe out but it was hiding in Ireland etc.

Im not pleased about much that happened during Bush. Im not happy about the little jerk offs here in America who consider themselves Satanists who play games with me all the time.
And alot of what I experience actually seems like its going to benefit Israel or the NWO or corporate culture or banksters-not true Satanic individuals.

Im not educated or clear headed enough to know whats going on or has gone on but I know that Gorgorth and other artists have given me strength, insight into my ancient past and enflamed the DNA i posess as the American culture seeks to keep this dormant in European peoples for our lifetimes.

The music these bands make blows away anything from America. That kind of energy, intensity, complex composition and changes as well as speed is considerred dangerous in the US becuz it outperforms the lame ass standards for the most successful bands here.

Whatever the hell is going on, however they are coming at you think of something.

Its a shame you cant afford lawyers. Working so hard to come against this. Think of something. Do something. It seems like the main intent over these years has been to destroy this band and any others like it.

These bands awaken and reflect the ancient powers of ancient peoples. Even Native peoples or Neanderthal peoples.

The current system wants to WIPE THOSE FORCES OUT. Their purpose is to enslave humanity.

Lately Ive had alot of creepy Christians coming at me. They will come up with anything even if its not really what they believe becuz its psychological warfare. Anything to break the person down.

Ive heard interviews about people becoming hostile in an increasingly grownup world. And the long history of constant problems and interferences.

Just hold onto what originally inspired you. What brought you there to begin with.
The false environment they are creating is becoming more pervasive. Its sucking up more and more people now. Like a whirlpool they are falling in at least around here. Scenes are being broken down everywhere. As if we are terrorists cells.

And to their TRUE aims they dont reveal to the public-we are threats to their plans.

So keep fighting them.

You must be getting old now and sometimes I wonder athritis or difficultly with manuevering digits setting in. Whatever it is work around it.

And if change forces itself on you and you have to give up the band name etc...dont forget you are an inspiration and driving force behind creating real change in people and actually breaking through deceptions to bring people real freedom.

Its interesting this Catholic family who makes claim to this name didnt come after it sooner. Hmph. Wonder why?

No matter what these bands have done they are great artists. They bring incredible power to people and are more impressive than anything America could ever produce.

The true darkness thats enveloping us is the New World Order. Corporate sameness and the myth of Equality.

Good luck destroying your enemies Mr. Roger Tiegs.

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