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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Sunday, September 20, 2015

'No Apology' Politicians Stole My Act/Latest Circus: Trump, Coultier, White Nationalists and Zionist Jews


How long have I been doing this? YEARS! It comes natural being a Bostonian, a Gen Xer, female, my genetics and other factors. And co-opting dissident alternative scenes is what the mainstream media do best in this countru. They did it to punk rock, Grunge and Black Metal. Its how they destroy what threatens the status quo.

In case you didnt know NPR is as full of sh*t and in on the both sides played agenda of the NWO just as much as say 'Democracy Now!' with their Libtard act and black and red outfits.

At this point these people all work for rhe same agenda. Globalism and powerful corporations and the 1% elite pretty much destroyed the legitimacy of the two party system.

The truth is that those in the know exist in a 21st century reality and these circuses are arranged to keep the public in a 20th century reality.

Its like going to the supermarket and seeing so many kinds of toothpaste giving consumers the illusion of choice or consumer buying power yet in reality the brands all come from like two companies and your purchasing habits are predicted down to your shoelaces and how, when, where you will purchase such items.

Here is a bs article about supposed White Nationalists supporting Trump.


These must be government shills, agents and infiltrators becuz Trump has alot of Zionist friends. (He made his way in NYC. Duh.)
Zionists don't exactly support Euro-Americans especially the folk or lower classes. Zionists are very much involved in mass immigration destroying Europe.

So how can Ann Coulter support Trump and make comments about "pandering to --- Jews". (All Jews arent Zionists nor are they unfriendly to EuroAmericans. Coulter is an educated lawyer and knows better than to generalize with terms like 'the Jews'.)


Also Trump is trying to work off of Obamas initiatives involving gun control and mental health. Hes working more off of the idea that we need to deal with mental health issues. He made a comment I just heard on CNN in an interview that theres people on the streets that should have never been released from hospitals.

So the false flag or hoax lone shootings complete with same day military drills and crisis actors as welll as the organized psy ops harassment system driving people to snap and commit these crimes has been used to create this atmosphere of focusing on mental health due to its supposedly causing domestic terrorism.

This is probably why the harassment activists like me are getting consists of making us angry, violent or acting out publicly. I notice RI has a way of scting as if one needs to be watched if deemed mentally unstable but in my experience organized harassment is what makes targeted people act out to begin with.

I will get harassed and mobbed in some gangsta wanna be area like north Providence. A police vehicle will show ip and observe right in the middle of a mobbing. Then the ghetto types will continue.

RI is a very corrupt state and it seems not a safe place for an activist whos targeted right now.

So the attempt is to make the person seem nuts as this trend is to make anyoje anti govt look dangerous.

This goes along with Obamas policy to end homelessness by 2020.

Both of these serve to finally isolate and destroy Targeted Individuals.

Trump seems like his purpose politically is to divert attention away from Hillary's Emails and make Jeb Bush look better..or not as crazy.

This is what got Obama elected. Nobody wanted a duo as crazy as McCain and Romney.

Besides Trump probably has to work for this system.

I had posted upon my visit to Las Vegas that microwave or other electromagnetic
technologies were being utilized in that city to promote Trumps public image from his tower as well as whoever was on the marquee playing at Caesar's palace. I never thought about Trump or Elton John or Rod Stewart as much as I did when in Vegas. Especially when passing near Trump casino.

So this is where the mob is involved obviously in gaining from these technologies. NV is owned by the US govt and there are many military bases.

Its another circus thats going to get the next nightmare elected.

Also I did not realize Hillary Clinton had been saying insane things like 'we are going to take things away from you for the common good' or 'we must stop thinking of the individual and what's good for society instead'.
This is pretty crazy but it lines up with all the experiences Ive had throughout the Obama presidency.

All of this also explains why I was warned to leave the country in 2012.

This oppressive environment using deceptions to destroy dissidents as well as the damage Fukushima is doing Im sure. I just dont have the means to leave. It might be time soon that dissidents must flee any way we can.

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