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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Strange Ritualistic Occurences And Bad Energy Perhaps Explained-By Visiting Norwegian Black Metal Band..Or Simply Republicans Taking Over

Uh this might explain alot of whats been going on lately.

Well this inexplicable urge to go to NYC and change residency is definitely off now.

It could also be becuz the Republicans have a house majority as not seen in a almost a century and/or Charlie Baker got elected Governor of MA and Ive been reading some scary things about him and his Pioneer Institute.

Its become very death like here. Just awful. I dont know if I posted this but a hawk fell out of the sky right in front of me and it was brought to a cemetery against my wishes and when I went back to put it with nature in the bushes someone had dragged it to the back of the cemetery and its chest was opened up.

These ritualistic things are like voodoo a sort of psychological terror and also symbolic but all magic has some true magickal content-the Will of some individual or group put forth.

You have to remember that due to all the weird crap that came forth in the beginning of this in early 2000's no matter how much I like these band's work I dont exactly know just how they feel about someone like me.

Its never been clear to me if what went on during those years was an attempt to destroy me then somehow I gained respect for outwitting and outmaneuvering..or just that my family was connected and I did not know that and protected me.
Im never sure if it was guidance out of some sort of connection or if it was an attempt to destroy me. I always keep in mind that later into the years in research I found that Mossad was investigating and monitoring this music scene due to their Nazi content and probably generally due to the fact that the Nordics retain a force that seems to not be able to be taken from them.
Were they set up or manipulated or was this to assist me or destroy me? Perps in Northampton MA actually took the time and effort to photocopy and cut out a photo of the new Gorgoroth line up and put it on a jar of candy in this funky store and it was only done after I had been in town a few days and you could tell the little bastards were smirking about it being a mind f*ck.

But are the gang stalkers using these people to scare others who are targeted or was there a genuine effort to destroy from strangers so far away?
One of the members speaks of certain corporate powers that be not being able to destroy their scene, no matter how hard they try. I mean it sounds exactly like my sentiments about things going on now-the NWO etc.

I just cant imagine people so talented and advanced compared to Americans would bother with the goofy kind of dark circus bullshit that say, The Church Of Satan would pull. It just seems above them, but who knows.

Project Paperclip is the root of MK Ultra. One of these bands actually talked about building the superman in one of these documentaries about black metal.

For years this campaign was manipulative and intriguing and now its just turned plain destructive and vulgar.

Charlie Baker's dad worked for Reagan and Nixon. Thus my idea that perhaps NY is better from now on.

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