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Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Bit Of History On Infernus And Gorgoroth

Gorgoroth starts out looking like a low budget black metal band like others of the 90's.

In 1998 Gaahl came to the band. The early video on YouTube of him being weak looking and with not so much confidence is a far cry from what was presented just a few years later.

During this Gaahl and King era they started to look very professional and marketed. And Peter Beste made them internationally known.

During this era they seemed to get into alot of legal trouble doing really violent things which is expected. The band was presented during this time as very powerful, strong, intense, omnipotent almost working off of what Bush and co had created with 9-11, the war and a focus on terrorism and Gitmo. The timing was perfect. Soon I will post about some other stuff that these images were used for. And its obvious the band isnt innocent. But why should they be? Its amazing how many people seem to take in the Satanic content but still believe its a fantasy. Even after seeing evidence like Gaahl's nature being so violent and he obviously being sadistic.

People compartmentalize these facts or they take private joy in how evil it is. In today's world of being watched all the time and not being able to get away with anything or have liberties anymore, this sort of content is a guilty pleasure. Its so extreme of one becuz the police state has been extreme in its treatment of the people both in thier own countries and at war with others.

And since the modern western music scene has excluded rock and roll by EuroAmerican (yes include Natives in that) folk, there is a hunger for something resembling the bad asses of the 70's type era or just. But without any hippie bullsh*t, the self indulgence or Afro influence. Rap was turned into something that now has turned alot of people off to wanting ANY African American influence.

Infernus - photos by Tommy Naess    Gorgoroth Southern Legion

These bands live far away, they arent going to be able to get to you in your sleep here in America and the rules here dont apply to them. Americans could live vicariously through them. It was and is perfect. Also dont forget that they play up to par with, even excel past the best old bands that delivered hard rock and heavy metal like Motorhead even Led Zeppelin. They create energy and heat, something that has been denied to EuroAmericans and westerners in the last few decades.

Also, women are sick of YUPpies, metrosexuals and shaved bald assholes with thier pants hanging down driving pick up trucks demanding respect becuz they either look like wigger gangsters or like they're in the military. For some reason due to how European and untouched thier society is, these men are examples of real Caucasian males that many women are missing from modern western culture. THEY would stand up to gangstas, they would beat Wiggers senseless, they grow thier hair long like its 1973 without being hippies and dont give a f*ck about the military trendy poser culture here in the U.S.
They have legions of blondes as far as the eye can see at their concerts in Germany and Scandinavia. No bullshit, no assholes, no jerk offs. Metal, like it once was but without as much fun becuz hey, we cant afford fun anymore. Its time Euro and Euro descended folk lay it down that we 'aint playin'. This is why people feared Vikings it feels like. And we need to be reminded of that and remind our enemies who seek to tame us in the NWO. That is why alot of people took to this. It was something that no one could take away finally. None of these guys are going to go the way of Cobain as easily and certainly not from some Hollywood obsessed Jewess like Love.

Thats another thing- they dont care about females. In fact Carpathian Forest seems to hate us lol but its all content thats whats real in the world. Violence that really happens to people. Potential violence I personally have faced much of my life. Not by black gangs or whatever but by white males. Sick, sadistic, raping, child molesting murdering males. And that IS what goes on in the world that most people dont want to face.

 They dont sing about love affairs. They dont have videos with dancing butt slappers wasting my time. Its a boyz only club and if some female wants in, she better know how to fucking make music becuz shaking your ass and braggin about which Mercedes to drive ain't gonna cut it. This is a no bullshit zone. Black metaller from this area are the ultimate reinvention of the hardest working white men ever to exist. Something that exists in America but with alloooot of whining. And alot of class resentment.

In many ways these bands recreate the insanity, nature and intensity of what used to be called 'long hair music' back before long hair was for rockers and hippies. Classical music from Europe. People think classical is soothing and for old people. So wrong.

NeoCons,Bush, the military and company have been the great destroyers of American counter culture. Like all slaves on the plantation, we saw that the Massa approved of these bands, so we didnt have to fear them being taken away. (though it sort of happened anyway). Slavery is very much working through the slaves themselves to enslave their own families and people with the ultimate fear being of abusive authority. Americans had definitely come to live like slaves at this point and now forevermore.

In some ways they reflect certain Republican ideals in America which made the Bush era another perfect time.

American culture has been trying to tame the Euro descended folk since Reagan and this insulated culture from a very mythical, ancient, white, pagan place was the perfect solution.
They still believe in things. Including thier own ancestral past. Most of modern western culture believes in the institution of the church, the Politically Correct cult, psychiatry or science as their new gods. Becuz we have become so smart, so well informed we forgot that we are human and if we dont assess what we believe, power structures will serve it up to us, disguised as reason, which clearly the afore mentioned are not.

At this time the band started to deny all permissions to reproduce thier lyrics anywhere on the internet. They claimed religious reasons or legal but its obviously becuz the lyrics are so heavy, so offensive and violent its better if people cant tell what they are singing about, remember they are gaining an audience of more common, average people at this time- outsiders.

The only pics I could find during this era were ones of ultimate power, menace, control, evil, hidden faces and darkness like all of the ones above.

 I have never seen this pic in the thread linked below in all my trying to search pics years ago. Mind you whenever I would do so, alot of times I would get computer interference from unexplained sources. Guess who. Conditioning is what that is plain and simple.
 If I had seen this pic I might have perceived things differently:
 Then there was drama. Then the band wanted to oust Infernus, who was its only founding member. Drawing people into this conflict also seemed very timed and even if it wasnt, they had probably more people observing now due to the True Norwegian Black Metal movie and Peter Beste's photo project on black metal in Norway.

Infernus won his right to his band. But the way it was fought out showed just how backstabbing and selfish these people can be. The bassist and singer trying to claim he had nothing left as an artist.  It was amusing to see a video of King claiming the band was just him and Gaahl now. One got the feeling Infernus was plotting, waiting in the backround to act becuz he was rather quiet until he struck back. There was always the sense that he was doing this black metal thing longer than they were. Especially King. That he seemed more invested in being..truly evil. Not that Gaahl wasnt but he he was not as sneaky as Infernus could be or able to plan ahead as many chess moves. Who knows what actually went on.
After this mess, Infernus got some other line up together with his old singer and released this new album. I wont get into that either but it was obvious that the beauty of past works, the energy was gone. I don't believe that it is gone by chance but by design.

If you now have a bigger audience of common people and you believe in enslaving mankind, keeping black metal for the elite and such ideas why would you produce anymore work that gives humans energy to nourish and strengthen? 

In interviews Infernus has described his band as nothing more than an instrument to spread Satanic propaganda. Thats the joke really, these people always display pretty much what they are up to in obvious places or speak about it honestly without revealing everything. The public choose to live in denial.

Probably just becuz its easier. Spiritual battles take alot of energy- and no going to Disney World becuz fantasies will get you killed in such a situation. The manufactured innocence that Disney produces is erosion on society anyway. So this country is perfect for marketing this sort of thing.

With ICP and SlipKnot  around Americans just think its innocent kid stuff or weird emo content. Adults probably aren't paying attention at all. I think this country is very comfortable with Satanic content- until they have to start looking at what really goes on and just like they do with wars they support, simply turn away or go into denial and focus on what they are getting out of it as opposed to whats wrong with it or destructive.

America is a Satanic country. No doubt about it. I've seen too many people who hide, who claim to be Christians and dont live by it or act out in nasty ways towards other human beings but refuse to be responsible for thier behaviors. Its 'normal' or they hide behind whatever definitions of American lifestyles legitimize thier power trips.

Ive always said at least these guys call out what they are and who they are and are in a position where they take some responsibility for thier actions against humanity or individuals by being overt about what they are.
However there are things that go on in this world that no one wants public.

Part of the description of Black Mass Krakow was that models on stage will be used and abused in the name of Satan. Great guys. And thats ok-if you sign up for it. 

I will write everything that happened but not here and not on this blog.

So after he starts this new band and that album comes out, all of a sudden he's going without corpse paint and lifted is the dark gloomy character replaced with a more rock and roll or straight metal one:
This piece makes sure that we know he's a gentleman and that he stays in hostels like normal people not hotels. There was still hiding of his face at this point. But gone was the image from the Bush/Hayden era and the last version of the band. Gaahl wasnt around to rage on people and Infernus was avoiding rape scenes by now I guess.
After this I noticed that first pic, where one could easily see his face clearly head on. Then other pics slowly started to appear.

Now there are all these pics on the Internet with him looking totally normal. Doing normal person sort of things. Its bizarre actually.

I found this one especially amusing. Now he looks like a traveler lol. For years  the image was painstakingly crafted to be mysterious and shrouded in darkness, evil etc. I suppose we are supposed to forget that and all that went along with it.

I just found this one below yesterday.  It looks like a very very early picture. You NEVER would have seen this or at least I couldnt have found one like this years ago. He looks the most normal of any picture. And there's no darkness, no violence, no menace. He almost looks scared or..vulnerable.  He's posed alot lately with his new band affectionately hugging his guitar like in this pic:

I'm glad that so many people get to move on and have great lives. I dont. And I wont stop or rest until the whole story is told. Even if it changes nothing, it has to be done.
 If its not evident by now, I dont give a fuck if anyone believes me or not. I do this for me and mines- other Survivors. If anyone else cares great but I dont depend on it.

Gang Stalking isn't insanity. Its purpose is to create clinical insanity in human beings specifically survivors of RA and mind control projects.

 Much of this reminds me of a trick Aquino used once knowing he was going to be researched and exposed. Never underestimate the power of a pretty, handsome face against an angry female looking to take her power back. Hey, if I didnt look the way I did I wouldnt be walking around right now. I know this one too well.

If this doesnt connect to that 'occult group' that a reader once taunted me with being attacked by then someone is using thier images, thier  music and trying to frame them up. Its not my job to figure out which. Its my job to deliver information from point A to B. Let people figure it out if they want. At this point I just want to finish this and let whoever hates humanity so much kill them off and enslave the rest.

I get the feeling I will be guided as usual to safety. If not, I still dont care.

As you can tell there is alot about this genre that I admire. I probably wont stop liking thier music but I also cant go on living with what happened as if nothing happened.

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