Illuminati/Satanism in Wrestling 'Entertainment"

I've seen two wrestlers both my favorites do media psy ops in 2008 when I was in St. Louis MO, when that absolute nightmare, Hayden was head of the CIA and it was one of the worst years for this campaign in memory. It almost killed me literally. They seemed to have no rules or limits then. It was horrible. However, It also allowed me to experience the ridiculous full range of their capabilities. Ha. And oh..Edge is just heartbreaking. Sigh. But then, who gets to the top without this working for 'the dark brotherhood' anyway? I don't agree with the videos advice that fake entertainment wrestling is a "waste of time". As long as I know I might get perped or that there's brainwashing content (referring to it as 'occult' is much to generous) then why not? Once you see the extent of the control over the public media has, you realize that knowledge is power not along with selective viewing and avoidance. Besides where else am I going to see strong, healthy Euro-American males with long hair nowadays? Glancing at football is ok I guess. As long as they have their helmets on. Never did bother to learn the game, why should I or any other female? Its THIER stupid games. Besides, since when should women get excited or even motivated about 'scoring' by getting balls into holes or end zones? Its all their reproductive drive crap. Let them play and follow their little sperm games cloaked as military games. Whatever.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


I want you to use everything here to survive.
If you are new you will need information as well as if you have been targeted for awhile and missed some things.
The Swords & Shields section is for those who have recently come to know that it is a system they are in and need defense very quickly. This stage of the stalking and harassment is very sensitive and you need to learn quickly or you may die or get institutionalized.
I have made sure this section is full of sensible info that is sane and validating-not a lot of speculation or 'what ifs'.
If anything is too beyond your experience just take what you can for now. It takes many years of experience and investigation to understand what is really going on.
Just understand that your situation is not unique and there are other people being victimized as Targets but you may have to go through it alone a lot of the time.

PLEASE see my other blog to understand the dangers of networking with other T I's:

You have to fight to live and be autonomous though you should not have to. Resistance is key.

The activities taking place are not being addressed readily by authorities because they know damn well it's destructive to people and denies them basic human rights. Often these campaigns are used to cover for crime, illegal human experimentation or other things that would incur public outcry so the authorities have been recruited or compromised.

Your on your own in your own country.
People who do know who are sympathetic do not want to get targeted. Sadly, a lot of people are in on it as sport or entertainment even though that may not be the main motive for the campaign.
It's like drowning in a body of are you going to fight water? It surrounds everything and invades everything and is not a solid. It can't be handled directly as we would like. In time you will understand more about your situation.

The 'more resources' section at the bottom of the blog is perhaps for T I's w/more experience who can now more readily 'see' info useful to T I's because they are more familiar w/the set use 'search' box above for anything relevant.

Exposure seems their greatest fear. Write your own blog and be articulate--testimony is everything but be mindful that anyone can view what you blog, you can use this to defend yourself or the organized stalking system can use it to gather intelligence on you further so use the internet carefully if you are posting information about yourself.


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